„You Can’t Kill Rock ‚N‘ Roll“ – nothing else can be imagined when the band „Keleven“ rocks the stage. Four musicians from Austria presents their music with an elegant and at the same time powerful guitar playing and with a sovereign and impressive voice. Below the picturesque Schneeberg, the 4 guys have come together to pursue their musical obsession. Whether it“ a soulfully interpreted rock ballad, or songs that deal with change on a social or ecological level, the band Keleven interprets rock more authentically than any other. Powerful and rousing from the first beat. The spark immediately jumps over to the enthusiastic audience, which gladly lets itself be infected by the musicians‘ joy of playing.

Things are not going badly for „Keleven“: The band has already won several awards. As a support act for international bands like „Ten Year After“ . Several radio appearances can be registered by the guys.

If you’re familiar with the English language, you’ll love the real-life lyrics from their 2 albums and 4 singles. The last single „Letzt’n Summa“ Keleven has produced in rousing dialect language. Four musicians have set out to live their music consistently, to present it to their audience powerfully and devotedly, to fulfill their dream.

Andi: E-Guitar and Lead Vocals, Songwriter.

Max: E-Guitar and Backing Vocals.

Börni: E-Bass and Backing Vocals.

Ivan: Drums and Backing Vocals.